Wednesday, May 25, 2005


So for a while, my mom got into Search And Rescue Dogs. She wanted Precious and I to learn how to help out with training and using the search dogs to find missing people. She knew this woman, Fence, who had two dogs she used for SARs. Yes, I said SARs, to point out the irony that SARS kills, but SARs saves lives.

So anyways, Fence had this big farm she would train her dogs on, and we would go out there and help her by hiding in the woods and pretending to be lost. It usually didn't take more than a half an hour for the dogs to find us. It was fun times.

One day, Fence called my mom and said there was a little boy that had gone missing, and they were sending out the search dogs for him. She asked if we wanted to help, and mom agreed to bring us up there right away. Precious and I were excited; this was our first real search!

Oh, by the way, I think I was 12 and Precious was 10. Somewhere around there. So we got to the search site, and they split us off into groups. Precious went off with some men, and Mom and I went on our own.

We were walking through the woods for a good while, and being only 12, I was searching my hardest, not bored at all. We had been looking for about an hour when we came to a little stream. We were informed by some other searchers that that area had been covered already, but Mom and I got the feeling that we should keep looking there.

I was down by the stream when I found a footprint next to the water. Just one small, child-in-a-diaper sized footprint. I called Mom over, and after scrutinizing it for a moment, she concurred that it was, indeed, a footprint. So she got on the radio, and they sent somebody down, and one thing lead to another and--hold on, let me summarize in the next paragraph.

So basically, they were searching off in the opposite direction with the dogs, and they were highly skeptical that there would be any evidence of the kid in that area, but they went down there and after seeing the footprint and positively identifying it, they searched and later on found the kid.

There's the story of how I totally saved some kid's life.