Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Car Breaking Down

Back when I had the Kia Rio, I was driving down to Draper with Havoc and Fruit. We were heading south on I-15, when all of a sudden the car started decelerating rapidly, and the speedometer went crazy. I managed to get from the HOV lane over to the exit ramp, but the car stalled out completely at the bottom. When the light turned green, Havoc and Fruit and I started pushing it through the intersection. The light turned red when we were about halfway through, and someone pulled over really quick to help us get it the rest of the way through and into a parking lot. I was working so hard to push it that I almost threw up. Then after we got it parked, somebody else pulled over with their big SUV and offered to tow us wherever we wanted. They tied us to their bumper and dragged us all the way from 90th South to Havoc's house in Draper.

Another time when I was at Havoc's house, the battery on the Kia died and we tried to jump start it. Unfortunately, none of us had jumped a car in a long time, so we did it wrong and there were lots of sparks and we ended up melting the jumper cables.

The final adventure for the Kia was one winter night when it was parked in front of my parents' house. I was watching TV and all of a sudden I heard a bang and a crunch. Instinct (or pessimism) told me it was my car before I even looked out the window. What happened was somebody took the corner too fast and too tight, and slid out on a patch of ice, slamming into the back of the Kia and then side-swiping the truck parked in front of it. Ironically, both were totaled and the car doing the hitting just had a damaged front bumper. The truck got a collapsed gas tank and the Kia's rear axle was snapped. Darn cheap foreign cars.

Lastly--and this was my most recent car incident--I was driving my dad's Prius home from Provo and it was about 1 AM. I was on the phone with Kitty and I heard a bang, and it felt like something hit the car. I was passing through American Fork at this point. I was shaken, but I never saw anything on the road and the car seemed to be driving fine, so I kept going but stayed cautious. When I got down to about Sandy, the car started pulling to the right, and I started changing lanes but I still had to drive across two lanes on three wheels and a rim before I managed to pull over. I called the highway patrol and they said they'd send somebody down, and in the meantime just sit tight. I sat tight, and then somebody pulled over in front of me (not a cop) and they said they worked in a shop and they'd help me change my tire. I told them the HP was on the way and they said to call them back and tell them not to come because they'd look for a reason to charge me money or write me a ticket. Stupidly, I did call them and told them somebody was helping me so I didn't need them anymore. Luckily, the guy was honest and didn't murder/kidnap me. By the time I got home it was 4 AM.